Papertale values

What is the PaperTale world like?

No Child & Unethical labour

Modern slavery is one of society’s biggest issues because production is often so disconnected from the consumer. With blockchain being the foundation for our solution, ethical practices no longer need to be a problem as the worker’s age and wages are automatically verified. With systems like this in place, child labour could soon be eradicated.

A Complete product ecosystem

PaperTale’s impact calculator gives a figure for CO2 production & water usage, all on an individual garment level. PaperTale’s platform helps companies meet the regulatory requirements so many brands face every day.

We developed our impact calculator so brands can get straight facts about the CO2 and water usage of their products.

Technology based trust

The functioning of our solution is based around the key principles of blockchain, namely the fact that it is possible to create smart contracts, the concept of data immutability and the mechanism of consensus on key verifications. Where brands typically have very little trust in their supply chains due to past cases of corruption, now PaperTale enables technology based trust as all the information provided is based on science, extensive research and verification, all backed up by blockchain.

Compliance protection

Navigating and proving adherence to new regulations in the business environment is increasingly complex. Brands using PaperTale automatically have access to secure and verified proof of their actions, relieving them of extra unnecessary work solely to justify they are operating within the law.