Share what you do.

With our new method to gather and verify supply chain data, you as a brand can know what’s happening in your supply chain in real time and share the story of your products in a trustworthy way.

How it works.

You can implement PaperTale’s solution by integrating it with existing systems, and by onboarding your supply-chain partners. You can then follow the entire product journey from signing contracts and placing orders, to the transfer of materials from suppliers to manufacturers. You will see the environmental impact of all different steps, and how the steps have been verified. You can also see whether the craftsmen have been paid according to their contract and how many hours they have been working. This ensures that workers rights are being protected, and gives consumers direct access to information about your products.

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For Product, People & Planet
we help you trace:
  • Complete Supply Chain info
  • Origin of the product
  • Product Material composition
  • End of life info
  • and more
  • Wages as per law
  • No forced labour
  • No child labour
  • Safe working conditions
  • Right of Association
  • and more
  • Elementary flows of natural resources like water
  • Non-elementary flows like electricity and fuel
  • and more
About collecting and verifying data:
How we
collect data

In the on-boarding process, every supply chain member adds data to the system by connecting their existing ERP or PLM systems, or by the use of the PaperTale network interface. Orders for the raw material that is required for the product can also be sent and received via the PaperTale Network. In all processes, information about workers is attached where relevant, in addition to climate impact data that includes transport.

How we
verify data

To guarantee that the data in the system reflects reality, our transparency matrix and a method called two-way verification is used. This means that data entered by one party is verified in another way as well. For instance, when a factory manager enters the wage they have paid to a worker, the worker verifies that this has really been paid. Similarly, material outputs are matched to the inputs to guarantee that the material in the information about the final product matches its real-life story.


At PaperTale, we use blockchain to increase the trust between you, your consumers, and your supply chain partners. Each product produced throughout the supply chain gets a unique Smart Contract address on the public blockchain, making it possible for anyone to see and access the information. 

Both the verification and storage of data takes place on a public Blockchain. To make the data as reliable as possible, we combine Blockchain Technology with automated data collection where possible.