Know what you buy.

PaperTale makes it possible for you as a consumer to make a good choice, and be proud of that choice knowing that your product has been produced in a fair way, and that its journey has been verified. In our Consumer app, you can see the entire journey a product has been travelling. The app shows the people that were a  part of the production and whether they have gotten paid according to law. It also displays the material that has been used in addition to the material’s  environmental impact. All the information you see isn’t owned by anyone, since it’s added to an open blockchain, so once entered and verified, it is extremely hard to tamper with.

How it works.

So how will you know if your favourite brand is using the PaperTale system to verify their supply chain?


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Now you see your garment, and it’s unique blockchain smart contract address.

In the product journey you will see all steps your product have gone through to come to you.

For the raw material you will see what has been used and its environmental impact.

For the production you will see who was part of the production of your product.