Positive change is possible. Let’s make it happen together.

Incentive to


Because our solution connects all actors (brands, factories and consumers) incentive to increase the environmental and social sustainability is directly created for brands and factories. By being transparent about their practices, brands and factories can show consumers what they are paying for, as well as enabling consumers to reward sustainable practices. In this way, all actors along the supply chain are brought together and given the ability to align their interests.



For parties that have implemented PaperTale’s solution, it will be extremely difficult to manipulate the system and market false claims towards consumers. As a result, consumers will be able to see the true price for different levels of sustainability and show their willingness to pay for different aspects. In this way, factories can increase the wages of workers and invest in social security and safe working environments. Through this model of transparency, it becomes possible to lift craftsmen along the supply chain out of poverty and to improve their working conditions.



By making environmental measurements accessible in real-time, consumers are able to see the status and cost of several aspects of environmental sustainability. Brands and factories can define Key Performance Indicators to work towards, and consumers can show their willingness to pay for these, to improve different environmental aspects. This provides a direct mechanism to improve the environmental sustainability of a product, for example by reducing the usage of chemicals and water, and minimising the carbon footprint.

The bigger


By empowering all actors in a system to align their interests, a systemic change can take place. PaperTale’s vision is that such a change leads the way to regenerative capitalism: capitalism that consists of practices that are restorational to all in the system, rather than destructive and exploitative. In support of regenerative capitalism, insight into the complete lifecycle of a product allows for steps to be taken towards circularity.