Papertale Way


Verified supply chain recorded on a public blockchain.

PaperTale is building an ecosystem that captures the supply chain of a product from cradle to grave, in real-time. Our system incentivises all members of the supply chain to be more transparent. We create a method where workers are protected, consumers get verified information, and where brands and factories are complying with regulations. This creates higher trust, improves social and environmental actions, and makes it possible for consumers to take informed decisions in an easy way.

A new method for supply chain transparency

Today, factories and brands rely on occasional audits and mainly unverified data to make decisions, but these methods aren’t enough to solve the social and environmental challenges we are facing. PaperTale proposes a new method where data is gathered and verified in real-time.

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Papertale eco-system


PaperTale network

The PaperTale Network is our solution’s backbone where all supply chain data and how it has been verified comes together. Using the PaperTale Network, brands and factories gather and see environmental impact like water usage and carbon emission for all production processes, including the product’s transportation. The social impact of production is also visible, for example whether workers have been paid as per law, and if this payment has been verified. All of the data collected on the PaperTale Network is registered on a public Blockchain, increasing trust.


Supply chain app

The supply chain app is used by the craftsmen to verify that they have been paid, and gives them insight into their contracts and worked hours. It’s also used to track the movement and ownership of materials between the different steps and parties of the supply chain. For example when cotton is being delivered from a farm to a factory, an NFC-tag is added and scanned to transfer the ownership from the farm to the factory.


Consumer app

The PaperTale Consumer App is the consumer’s portal, giving access to all the data and their level of verification that’s gathered on the PaperTalen Network. With the Consumer App you can scan a garment and see the entire journey it has travelled. You can also see its  environmental impact and if the craftsmen who are a part of the production have been paid by law. The app also allows you to showcase the craftsmen some appreciation, by sending them a smiley!