Terms of Business

Terms of Business


For our PaperTellers so they may inform themselves about the terms of using the PaperTale app or Web-shop and any services included.   

Effective : October 2020 


  • Who we are and why a Terms & Conditions document is necessary 
  • Our services 
  • The overall terms  
  • Privacy and Registration 
  • Payments, Deliveries, Replacements and Returns  
  • Scanning the tag and then deciding not to keep the product  
  • Inappropriate use 
  • Termination of your account
  • How we will contact you
  • How you may contact us    
  • Complaints 
  •  Changes to the notice 

Who we are and why a Terms & conditions document is necessary

We are Papertale, a Blockchain based company offering THE ultimate technology solution for brands looking to provide complete transparency to consumers surrounding their products. We want to change the nature of production and consumerism, and alongside our backing of PaperTellers this is definitely possible; Generally we don’t like rules, however in this process to change we do have some set terms that you need to understand and agree to. This document will detail our terms for using our services, including a description of what our services are. 

We sincerely hope that everything in here is clear, but should there be any doubt then don’t hesitate to contact customer services here: 


Our services 

In this section we will list and describe what the different services PaperTale offer are:

The PaperTale consumers’ app, the PaperTale webshop and the PaperTale website are the consumer facing services provided by PaperTale. All of these services are covered by the PaperTale Terms & Conditions document (the one you are reading). 

The PaperTale consumers’ app : As a consumer, this app offers the ability to scan a “PaperTaled” item of clothing and see it’s full product journey stage by stage right from the growth of the raw material (cotton in the case of the PaperTale merchandise T-shirts) all the way to its assembly. You will also be able to see the impact journey of the product (ie how much CO2 and water is produced at each stage) and have the option to compensate this impact for free via the Papertale compensation program (it is included in the price of the product). The app also offers full traceability of the compensation program so you may see exactly where and when the money has been sent. See more about exactly what our compensation program is here. Our app can also offer countless other things, like the ability for you to see exactly which people worked on your garment along with verification that they are an appropriate age and are being paid at least minimum wage. The best thing is that this description will be continually changing given that we will constantly be updating and improving our app and the services it offers. 

PLEASE NOTE, to be able to use the app you must register an account. For the scanning you must either have an NFC tag in your phone (most modern phones will) or permit the app access to your camera in the case that you have an older phone that doesn’t have an NFC tag. More details about how to scan on different phones can be found on the website and in the information contained with the product when you receive it.    

The webshop : This service provided by PaperTale allows you to view and  purchase PaperTale merchandise. This webshop should always have up to date product availability info but in the case it doesn’t and an order is placed when stock has sold out we will offer a full refund. There are also chatbots and customer service details in case you need help with anything. 

The website : This service provided by PaperTale contains up to date information about the Papertale and our product, this includes what exactly our product does, how to use our product, the PaperTale compensation program, any companies we are partnered with and any future ambitions that PaperTale has. 

The overall terms 

These terms are governed by SWEDISH LAW. 

By using any service provided by PaperTale (including the app or webshop), you are agreeing to have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated in this document and to those stated any future amendments. 

We will post about any changes we have made to this document, and if needs prompt you to reconfirm your agreement, however if you choose not to then unfortunately you will not be able to continue using our services. 

To be able to use the PapeTale consumers’ app you must register an account. You will not be able to benefit fully or in some cases be able to use our services at all without one. 

Privacy and Registration 

The first thing to note here is that this document is linked strongly to our Privacy policy (that can be found here); please be advised to also read this to ensure you fully understand how we operate. It may also provide answers to any potential queries you may have.

When you register, you are agreeing to : 

  • Provide accurate data to us 
  • Update any information given to us as soon as it becomes necessary to do so 

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are giving us permission to collect and use any data you have provided to us manually or via using our services; for details on what scenarios we may collect your data and how we may use it please refer to our privacy policy document here. 

If you want to reverse your agreement to these terms then that is fine but you will not be able to continue using our services. 

Payments, Deliveries, Replacements and Returns 

Orders and payments : 

  • The currencies we trade in are EUR, SEK, DKK, NOK, CZK, GBP and USD 
  • You may pay by VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple pay Maestro, or OPay. 
  • We accept no responsibility in the case that the services of third party payment providers are down. 
  • All prices include VAT and shipping costs (shipping costs may vary depending on the country being shipped to but there will be no hidden costs). 

  • You may opt for us to store your payment information for future ease but if this is not compulsory. 
  • As soon as you click “Buy now”, you will be placing an order for the contents of your shopping cart. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide us with as soon as the order has been placed (this email will contain a link to this terms and conditions document for reference).
  • In the case that an order is placed on an unavailable item, the customer is entitled to an automatic refund – although, this should never happen as the webshop will always show the availability of the item. 

Delivery :

  • We deliver to Europe and Uk at the moment but we will update this as soon as we deliver to more countries. 
  • Delivery is estimated between 7-14 days and this will be stated on the product page and also the confirmation email. 
  • Express delivery will be available but only if the product is in stock. 

Returns : 

  • You will have a 14 day period after receiving the item during which you are entitled to cancel your order and expect a full refund without reason. 
  • If you wish to cancel an order please find a cancellation form here with which you will get the options to return or exchange your products.
  • If you have any issues finding, accessing or filling out the form then please contact customer services via this email : 


  • In the case that you need to return an item you have ordered you will have 3 weeks from the point of receiving the product to do so. There will be a return shipping label enclosed with the product when you receive it and you MUST use this label to return the item if you do not want to pay a return shipping fee. 
  • In the case that you have either lost or never actually received a return shipping label, please contact customer services via this email to receive a new one : 


Refunds : 

  • You will not receive a refund until we either receive the item back safely or have proof that they have been sent 
  • You will not receive a refund if the items are damaged by your doing or are unhygienic (ie obvious stains by sweat or makeup). 
  • As long as these conditions stated above are not broken (and the product is not personalised) then you will be entitled to a full refund. 
  • Refunds will be made in the same method of payment. If you opted for us to not store your payment information then we will prompt you to provide this when required. 

Scanning the tag and then deciding not to keep the product 


If you scan the tag and then you decide to return the garment we will still give you a free return and refund. However we will be selling this top on to charity shops as a second hand garment, so by signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to your name (and only your name) being visible in the product journey for the next person who buys this garment. 

Inappropriate use 

If you are deemed to be using any of our services described inappropriately then we may terminate your account and access at any point without notice. 

Termination of your account 

We are happy to admit that we are currently working on a way of deleting users’ information if requested without affecting other records (as, given the nature of our technology once information is in the blockchain it cannot be changed). However if deletion wouldn’t be possible, we’ll anonymize it in order to still comply with users requests. 

PLEASE NOTE, the only scenario we may not be able to do this is if we have to retain your data based on a legal or governmental request.

For further information on your rights and choices, please see our privacy policy. 

We may also terminate your account at any time if we feel the need, however this would only be in the scenario where severe misconduct has occurred. 

How we will contact you

We will contact you by either email, text or push notification – whichever you opted for. 

How you may contact us  

If you need to contact us then please do so via this email : customerservices@papertale.org


We hope that everything covered in this document surpasses the expectations our users have however if you do have any complaints then please contact our customers services team via this email:


Changes to the notice 

The Terms & Conditions document will be a live document and anytime we release an update for the application/portal, we’ll notify users to review and agree to the if there are any changes.