Papertale Technology

PaperTale technology is a doorway to enter into the world behind every product that we buy.

Being built on a public blockchain, our solution aims to ensure total transparency in the supply chain. Your customers can see that the great craftsmen behind each “PaperTale’d” product are being paid lawfully and be assured by the knowledge that each has been produced with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

All the information provided is based on science & extensive research so what you see is the raw truth – what’s even better is that the information isn’t owned by anyone, so once entered and verified, it can’t be tampered with.

As raw materials and data flow down the supply chain, PaperTale enables this information to be verified through a two point verification.

A common question is : how do we ensure that all the relevant parties provide the required information?

PaperTale strongly believes that it is only through real consideration of each of the production stakeholders (factories, brands and consumers) that a better system can be adopted by the industry.

Therefore, enabling PaperTale’s ecosystem of verified information are three unique digital interfaces; a consumer app, a worker’s app and a cloud based platform.

These 3 platforms are being developed in the mindset of the relevant stakeholders. Because of this each interface has specific designs and features, which in turn has created the innovative and incentive-based solution, which we call “PaperTale”.

  • Never before has being transparent added such value to your products.
  • Never before have your products been able to stand out so much in the market regarding their sustainability credentials.
  • Never before have businesses and supply chains had such easy access to metrics and reports based on their full supply chain.

Developing a traceability solution in the way that PaperTale is doing is certainly not the easy route. BUT, it is creating a solid foundation for the future of sustainability as it is scaled up across the industry.

While this platform is currently just being offered to fashion brands, it will eventually be available to other consumer goods industries as well.