Papertale team

PaperTale’s team consists of designers, engineers and developers who have vast experience of developing technology solutions as well as managing complex manufacturing processes.

We might just look like a bunch of random normal people, but be assured that you are looking at the craziest of crazy idealists that have ever existed.

We picture the world as we want it to be, and feel no shame in doing so.

Want to know something even crazier? We get to call “changing the world” our job.

General management

  • Bilal Tufail Bhatti
    Bilal Tufail Bhatti
    Founder / CEO
  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson
    Co-Founder / Seed Investor
  • Fiona Avery
    Fiona Avery
    Executive Assistant

Tech. development

  • Atiq Amjad
    Atiq Amjad
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Saif Idrees
    Saif Idrees
    Full Stack Developer
  • Kim van Dijk
    Kim van Dijk
    Front-end Mobile Apps Developer
  • Raja Umer
    Raja Umer
    Engineer / Developer
  • Haroon Malik
    Haroon Malik
    Creative Head / Digital Product Designer
  • Yasir Rasool
    Yasir Rasool
    General Manager


  • Johan Öljemark
    Johan Öljemark
    Marketing Director
  • Isabel spinley
    Isabel spinley
    Marketing Assistant
  • Baltazar Faunbäck Borg
    Baltazar Faunbäck Borg
    Photographer / Film Maker


  • Dr. Vera Bhatti
    Dr. Vera Bhatti
    Research & Data Analyst
  • Amina Shehzadi
    Amina Shehzadi

Working board members

  • Jan HöJman
    Jan HöJman
    Chairman of the Board
  • Jonas Larsson
    Jonas Larsson
    Board Member
  • Anna-Karin
    Board Member
  • Claes Hildorsson
    Claes Hildorsson
    Board Member / Advisor
  • Dr. Zafar javed
    Dr. Zafar javed
    Board Member