The Gina project

Gina Tricot makes traceability a design feature through PaperTale.

PaperTale was invited by Science Park Borås to showcase their technology in a limited edition collection launched by Gina Tricot in Oct 2021. The range featured PaperTale’s blockchain-based technology, making it possible for Gina’s consumers to trace their garments back to the cotton farms in Australia. Despite being PaperTale’s first external collection, the collection sold out instantly and for three times the price of Gina’s non-”PaperTale’d” garments – a promising reassurance for how the technology is being accepted by the market.


The PaperTale merchandise campaign

Consumers are able to start testing the technology for themselves.

With the technology being implemented in a garment factory (OUTSO) came the ability to produce the first set of PaperTale’d garments. A collection of 7 different T-shirt styles was produced, each bearing a catchphrase that was core to PaperTale and being fully traceable. These T-shirts were sold to consumers with instructions on how to scan the attached NFC tag from the PaperTale app and see all the associated information. A stumbling point here was that some consumers got confused about whether PaperTale was a fashion brand or a technology company, justifying the need to start working with external brands to display the technology. This would be helped by the fact that 42% of people who bought a T-shirt chose to compensate, highlighting an opportunity to interact more with their customers.

CBL project

A large scale implementation.

At the end of 2021 PaperTale signed an agreement with a large scale jeans manufacturer called Crescent Bahuman Limited. With around 8000 workers and the capacity to produce a million units a month, PaperTale was pleasantly surprised that there was such an interest on their behalf to adopt a technology like this. PaperTale and CBL will be working very closely over the next few months to identify and overcome the bottlenecks to offering this level of traceability, both within CBL and regarding their suppliers and customers.


Sail Racing

Sail Racing chose PaperTale for traceability of their Spring 2022 Coast collection.

Sail Racing is a Swedish sailing brand that is known for its high quality and innovative design – now they have chosen to add to the story of their products by offering radical traceability through PaperTale. This was the biggest test of the solution so far as it had to function seamlessly while the number of products produced under it dramatically increased. A huge milestone was met here by all the team in being able to adapt to this scale, however the importance of having failsafes and prioritising training of more people on the factory floor was highlighted.