Papertale Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


For our PaperTellers so they may inform themselves about how their data is collected, used or shared on the app or webpage and all their options surrounding this.   

Effective : October 2020


  • Who we are and why a privacy policy is necessary 
  • Information we obtain from our PaperTellers and in what ways 
  • The reasons we may use any information stated
  • Who we may share information with, if at all 
  • How long we keep your information for  
  • PaperTellers’ rights and choices 
  • The security and storage of PaperTellers’ information 
  • Complaints
  • Changes to the notice  

Who we are and why a privacy policy is necessary

We are PaperTale, a Blockchain based company offering THE ultimate technology solution for brands looking to provide transparency to consumers surrounding their products. We want to change the nature of production and consumerism, and alongside our backing of PaperTellers this is definitely possible; however in this process to change we will need to collect, use and sometimes share information so we want to be as transparent about this as we are with everything else. This policy will detail everything mentioned in the contents above including users’ rights surrounding anything mentioned in the notice. 

We sincerely hope that everything in here is clear, but should there be any doubt then don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team:

Information we obtain from our PaperTellers and in what ways

We may collect information about you when you interact with the different services we offer and hence we think it’s important you understand the different scenarios that this may occur under: 

When you provide it yourself  

  • We collect details when you register (and these include your full name, email, phone number, photo, date of birth, salary, gender and position). 
  • You may give us consent to have access to your camera on downloading our app for functional purposes only. This consent may be withdrawn however features like scanning the tag will not work. 

For payment on the webshop

  • You will have the option for us to store your payment information for future ease but this is not compulsory.

When you use our services (this may be the app or website)

  • This information is collected in a legitimate manner and for the reason of keeping on top of our Papertellers’ expectations surrounding the provision and functioning of our services. 
  • We collect information about how you interact with the app (purely for UX improvement purposes) 
  • We may collect data on your device including operating system / mobile network / time zone settings (but don’t worry this is only for analytics purposes and we DON’T collect your device location information) 
  • We capture which IP address you logged in from for security purposes  
  • The framework we use stores cookies on the client side for session management. We feel it is important to add here that web browsers generally have settings preset to accept cookies and this may be changed but could lead to services not functioning as expected or not becoming accessible. 
  • We collect Log information when you use the website (including time, user, IP and if there is any error/exception). We’ll also capture browser and language details for personalization

Information from third parties / external sources 

  • Unlike many apps and web pages, we DON’T collect or use your data for personalised advert targeting. The only way we use your data through a third party is : 
  • We will collect information about the products purchased from our pilot brands through tag scanning (these could be hang tags, NFC, barcodes or similar) 

The reasons we may use any information stated 

Because we pride ourselves in doing everything the RIGHT way, we also ensure that all our reasons for collecting or using your data fall under those stated in the protection law which include : legitimate or public interest, contractual, consensual or legal reasons. 

Our Legitimate interest reasons 

  • In order to provide a functioning service (i.e. we will ask for consent to access your camera at the app level but purely so your garment scanning feature will work). 
  • In order to improve our services or fix any issues that may occur so use of the app and website can continue smoothly for all our PaperTellers. 
  • To protect your account and therefore safety 
  • To tell you about products or services 
  • In order to give your information to other services or companies we work with that you may be interested in BUT ONLY with your consent

Our contractual reasons  

  • So that we can ensure we are providing our PaperTeller’s with the services agreed in the T&Cs 
  • In order to get in touch with you to tell you something important about your account (we send a password reset code when you request to change your password).
  • To confirm your identity – for this we may use Apple ID, Facebook or Google identities

Our consensual reasons 

We may ask for your consent to :

  • Share information with you about companies we work with 
  • Send your information to the companies we work with if you are interested in this 
  • Have access to your camera for the functional purposes of the app 

Please note, you may change what you have given consent for at any time and you shall not be blocked from any of the services on the app. However some information will automatically get anonymized/hidden

Our legal reasons 

  • We may share your data with third parties to comply with legal / governmental requests. You will have to give consent at the time of registration and at the time of agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Who we may share your data with, if at all 

You will be very glad to hear that currently we do not share your data with any third parties (except those stated in the consent section). This may change as the company grows, but we will update you when necessary about this. 

The only transaction of your data between us and a third party is when they share your information with us in order to highlight PaperTellers who have donated in the program in order to complete the donation journey. 

How long we keep your information for 

We will keep your data as long as the product exists. Upon revoke of your consent to display this data, we’ll anonymize the data.

We may also keep basic account information until you ask for it to be deleted or anonymized

PaperTellers’ rights and choices

We are happy to admit that we are currently working on a way of deleting users’ information if requested without affecting other records. However if deletion wouldn’t be possible, we’ll anonymize it in order to still comply with users requests. 

PLEASE NOTE, the only scenario we may not be able to do this is if we have to retain your data based on a legal or governmental request. 

PaperTellers always have the rights to change their communication preferences; Users have the options of email / SMS / push notification (please note, we only send system notifications or a security code to complete a transaction). 

For help with your rights and choices please feel free to contact us here :

The Security and storage of PaperTellers’ information 

We have a number of things in place to protect the safety of your information: 

  • We use encryption protocols (we store passwords as forward hash and blockchain wallet information is encrypted using Amazon KMS)
  • We store all your information very securely (we store all this information on AWS. The VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is configured with proper and secured networking. Access to AWS can only be done through SSL certificates and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). 


We hope that everything covered in this notice surpasses the expectations our users have however if you do have any complaints about how we store or use your data then please contact customer services :

Changes to the notice 

The privacy policy will be a live document and anytime we release an update for the application/portal, we’ll notify users to review and agree to the policy if there is any change.