PaperTale Merchandise

PaperTale merchandise

Consumers are able to start testing the technology for themselves.
With the technology being tested in a garment factory (OUTSO) came the ability to produce the first set of PaperTale’d garments. A collection of 7 different T-shirt styles was produced, each bearing a catchphrase that was core to PaperTale and being fully traceable. These T-shirts were sold to consumers with instructions on how to scan the attached NFC tag from the PaperTale app and see all the associated information. A stumbling point here was that some consumers got confused about whether PaperTale was a fashion brand or a technology company, justifying the need to start working with external brands to display the technology. This would be helped by the fact that 42% of people who bought a T-shirt chose to compensate, highlighting an opportunity to interact more with their customers.